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Ivy Nue

Promotional video for IvyNue, a system that helps children and teenagers work strategically throughout their academic years from kindergarten to 12th grade with the objective of preparing themselves, with the help and guidance of their parents, to maximize their chances to be accepted into a great college.



Video created for Save Family Photos, a community of over 25,000 people, which is developing WeGather, a “virtual campfire” where a family can collaborate to record its stories - one photo at a time.

CLIENT: Sage North America

Hack the Future 2015

“It has been three years since the worldwide fallout. You are one of the few survivors. The world's key facilities are down and resources begin to dwindle rapidly. Humanity's only hope is an elite army of ICT-wunderkinds.” This introductory video is featured on the site


Presentation Dust Off

A presentation reel for a documentary film project that presented the origins of the use of Medevac helicopters in battle situations. They served to dramatically improve survival rates of the wounded during the Vietnam War and beyond.

CLIENT: Gregg Moscoe; Writer/Producer

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